The Dark Room

Published by High Tide Publications

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Abused children and battered women are not subjects about which we read for enjoyment. In fact, the less we know about such matters the easier it is to deny they exist. But they do exist and often our response is why? Why do intelligent women stay in relationships after they’ve been abused? Why don’t they just leave? Why do they fall for controlling men in the first place? What prompts men to beat their wives? Are they crazy? Are they monsters?

The Dark Room is a gripping story tackling the complex issues of child abuse and Battered Woman Syndrome. From the age of three--when her young mother, Amy Leonard, is arrested on drug charges--Jodie, Amy's illegitimate child, is chained to the bed in a small, dark room with barely enough food to keep her alive. Both Jodie and her grandmother, Stella, are beaten regularly by Jodie's grandfather, Hank Leonard, a drug addict.

Stella’s employer, Edith Bowman, suspects that Stella is being beaten by Hank and shares her suspicions with Sergeant Mike Travers, a regular customer in her café. As Edith, a widow, and Mike, a divorcé work together to help Stella, Jodie and Amy, they find they are falling in love with each other.

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