Diary in the Attic

Published by Dorrance Publishing

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Margaret Monroe was settling into her quiet, Friday night with a bubble bath and a glass of wine when she was interrupted by unsettling news. A cantankerous coworker, with whom she had just had an argument, had been in a devastating car accident and was calling for Margaret on her deathbed. Attending to Corrine Melton’s final moments sets in motion a chain of events that Margaret could have never imagined in her wildest dreams. Her reserved and standoffish coworker, who passed away that night, was accused of killing her mother, who was found dead in their home the next morning. But something about Corrine’s dying words didn’t quite add up.

Can Margaret put together the clues of who her coworker really was, what happened to her and her mother that night, and how she fits into the story? Read Cindy L. Freeman’s Diary in the Attic to find out.