Published by High Tide Publications

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Unrevealed is filled with intrigue, mystery, and romance. As famous New York heiress, Allison Harmon, becomes the first female CEO of her powerful father's textile company, she learns that her family has kept a secret from her.

In Paris on a buying trip, Allison meets and falls in love with Jack, an American art student studying to be a museum curator. Despite the mutual attraction, Allison--trying to avoid the paparazzi--deceives Jack about her identity. When Jack discovers she misrepresented herself, he fails to show up for their meeting, leaving Allison heartbroken.

Returning to Manhattan, Allison tries to forget Jack as she launches a search for the lost sibling she never knew existed. She learns that Martha, her father's housekeeper, holds the key to uncovering the mystery of her childhood. With the help of her gay assistant, Theo, and Martha's disclosure, Allison finally resolves a longstanding family conflict. But will she and Jack find their way back to each other? Will the young business woman remain strong enough to finally find her brother?