I Want To Go Home

Published by High Tide Publications

Available on Amazon.com

I Want to Go Home is the story of the Jordans, a middle-class family of James City County, Virginia who find themselves destitute because of the father’s death. The story is told as a memoir by the adult Abigail (Abby) Jordan about her difficult teenage years starting when she learns of her father’s illness and discovers that her grieving mother, Elizabeth, is incapable of handling her responsibilities. Elizabeth turns to alcohol and neglects Abby and her two brothers. 

Forced to sell their house at a loss, the family moves to a ratty motel near Colonial Williamsburg. When Elizabeth ends up hospitalized in a coma from an overdose, Social Services threatens to place Abby and her brothers in foster care. They run away to Washington, DC only to find no shelters available. During one of the coldest Januarys in Abby’s memory, they sleep in Union Station, on the subway, and on the street. Abby begins to recognize that whenever she asks God for help, God provides assistance. Throughout the hardship of homelessness, Abby experiences a spiritual awakening that provides strength and courage.

Finally, a room becomes available at Harmony House, a shelter for women and children. Abby assumes her mother’s identity and trains her brothers to call her “mom,” so they can live at the shelter. Selima Evans, the shelter director suspects she is impersonating her mother and does some research to prove it. But as Selima recognizes Abby’s dedication to her brothers and her sincere desire to make their lives better, she becomes Abby’s mentor, helping her triumph over hardship and achieve her academic and career goals.