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Twenty-seven-year-old Allison Harmon discovers that life as a wealthy heiress is not guaranteed to be carefree.  In fact, it can be lonely, especially after losing her mother to cancer at an early age and spending her childhood groomed by her famous father, Marcus Harmon III, of Long Island’s Wellington Manor, to take over his multi-million-dollar textile conglomerate, Harmon & Harmon Enterprises.  

Now her father is dead, and Allison is tormented by disturbing thoughts and dreams. At first she thinks she is going crazy but gradually realizes she is experiencing flashbacks from childhood. Allison becomes convinced that something significant happened, something her family--including Martha the longtime housekeeper at Wellington Manor--has kept hidden from her. Allison becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth.

As Allison assumes the presidency of Harmon & Harmon, she begins searching for clues to the unrevealed family secret.